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Please note that the UCITS Alternative Indices project will close in June 2019. We thank you sincerely for your support, and for using the indices. Please get in touch if you have any questions.
- From all in the UCITS Alternative Indices team


UAI Benchmarks Indices
The UAI Benchmarks Indices track the performance of all UCITS absolute return funds and funds of absolute return funds both on a broad basis and by strategy. Constituent funds are equally weighted and the Index performances are published on a monthly basis.

Please click here to download the UAI Benchmarks Methodology

UAI Blue Chip Indices
The UAI Blue Chip Indices track the performance of the largest and most representative absolute return funds from specific unverses. The construction of the Blue Chip Indices is overseen by a Scientific Committee. The UAI Blue Chip Index performance is published every Wednesday. 

Please click here to download the UAI Blue Chip Methodology

UAIX Indices
The UAIX Indices are single strategy indices that aim to outperfom the performance of their respective UAI benchmarks. UAIX Indices are made of between 6 to 15 constituent funds and built using a systematic quantitative model. The UAIX Indices performance is published every Wednesday.

Please click here to download the UAIX Methodology

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